Car Usage

Made Easier

Change Vehicles Every 2 Years with 20,000 miles a Year Allowance.

The Average Car Loan is now 72 Months. After which
you have an automobile that lost a ton of value.
You trade it in and start the whole process over again.

With 4EverRide you could Drive 3 different newer vehicles within those 6 Years.

How It Works.


Choose A Vehicle

Search our inventory of cars until you find the one that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Subscribe on App

You can Subscribe to a vehicle for a 2 year term. After the 2 years you trade it in for another vehicle or buy one. All while you are building your credit.

Pick Up Your Vehicle

Within 24 hours of your submission, you can come to one of our 4 Ever Ride Locations and Drive Away!

Simple Approval at 4 Ever Ride

Credit Carz

When you have bad credit, it can be difficult to get approved for a car loan with a traditional lender, such as a bank or credit union. These institutions typically place a lot of importance on an applicant’s credit score.

At 4Ever Ride we have our lending institutions Credit Carz and Affordable Financing that have much more lenient approval requirements.

Models Available

Subscription Monthly Term

Mileage Allowance


Satisfied Clients


Put your old trade-in towards a new car subscriptions down payment or weekly payments.


We have several vehicles to fit your budget and lifestyle. All of our 2 year Subscriptions feature 20,000 miles a year.


Its not a loan and not a lease, its a 2 year subscription with 20,000 miles per year which allows you to drive a new car every 2 years.


This was my first time buying/leasing a vehicle. They made everything easy, everyone was friendly and knowledgeable. They answered my many questions and made the whole experience enjoyable. HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking to buy/lease a vehicle. Ask for Josh as your salesman, he is somethin’ else!!


This has been the only place I feel has not judged me for my credit issues. I was treated with nothing but kindness and respect. It is a buy here pay here car lot so they don’t need to check your credit, but they do offer financing through a company that will help you build up your credit by keeping up with your payments. So basically if you’re in a tough spot, this is the place to go. They had me in a car on the day I went in and I’d recommended this place to anyone!


Absolutely love this car dealership… I don’t have good credit and they got me in a car… Just finished my first 2 yr lease… I really wanted to keep the car I had but I couldn’t get financing for it because I don’t have enough credit. Well now Chambersburg affordable has a new program call “Forever Ride” so they take ur first downpayment and use that towards a new car every 2 yrs… So now every 2 yrs I get a new car… So this is a wonder option for anyone that is like me and don’t have credit but needs a car for their family!!!!! Highly recommend!!!!!

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